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Should You Rekey Your Home’s Locks?

Have you ever wondered which one is better rekeying your home locks or replacing them?
While many think the best option is to change the locks there are quite few cases where rekeying could be a more cost effective solution. Let’s discuss the differences between rekeying and replacing locks.

What is Lock Rekey?

Lock rekey is a method that by replacing the springs and pins within the lock cylinder your existing key wont work anymore and a new key will be needed. 

Almost any door lock can be rekeyed unless it is damaged or has a special design. Lock rekey can also fix some issues with the lock and improve the way it works.

The primary motivation behind rekeying a lock is to regain control over who can enter your home, for example if a tenant or a roommate moves and fails to return his key having the locks rekeyed eliminates any risk of unauthorized access.

The Importance of Lock Rekey

Taking control over your home keys is very important especially for homes within a single builder community because during the construction a master key is usually being used and and this key can actually open all locks involved in the project and after the construction is done you cant tell who still has access to the master key and to make sure that this special key cannot be used anymore. By rekeying the lock you can be absolutely sure that only the new key willoperate your locks.

Inspection and Repair

A lock rekey process can also provide a great opportunity for a skilled locksmith to inspect the condition of your lock. Some issues can absolutely be fixed without replacing the lock entirely, for example some locks may just require lubrication for a smoother operation.

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