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Your vehicle is more than just a means of transportation, it is also a big investment you need to keep safe from vandalism, and theft. Let’s see what are the top strategies to boost your car’s security.

Is Your Vehicle Secure Enough?

With car crime on the rise and remaining a significant problem in the United States, securing your car is a top priority. Our current data shows a potential risk of vehicle crime any 5 minutes. Anti-theft systems, the safety of your parking spot, and if someone could potentially drive away with your car are factors you should highly consider. If your vehicle is exposed to any type of vehicle crime, it’s time to implement additional protective measures.

Dash Cam

Dash cameras are an invaluable tool for gathering evidence in the event of a car crime or God forbid, a car accident. These devices capture the truth, providing irrefutable evidence in court of law.

The main security advantage of the dash cam is its deterrent effect on criminals, who might think twice to commit a crime in front of a visible camera. They can also help prevent fraudulent insurance claims. A computer camera can capture any staged collision, providing key evidence in court of law.

Shock Sensor

All new cars come with sensor triggers from factory. The most basic car alarm will turn on when these sensors are triggered, and will sound a loud siren when the car’s doors or windows are messed with. For older cars that don’t have any kind of security system, there is a solution, a basic alarm can be installed for a reasonable cost. This can definitely be a good investment, considering the potential savings on your insurance premiums.

Loud, repetitive noises tend to draw attention, so if a criminal triggers your car’s alarm, they probably flee the location and leave your car alone. Not only it acts as a deterrent but also alerts you and others nearby.

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks serve as another effective obstacle for the potential car thief. Although they can be bypassed using cutting tools, less likely a burglar would try to cut it as it seems like a time consuming noisy job to do while he wold want to keep as quite as possible and to be fast as possible.

Wheel Lock

Just like steering wheel locks, wheel locks act as a visible obstacle too. A car thief would do his best to remain unnoticed would be deterred by the sight of a wheel lock, considering the additional time and effort required to remove it. This measure is particularly recommended for those who regularly park their cars on busy streets with high crime rates.

Parking In A Safe Spot

Your parking spot plays a vital role in keeping your car safe. Parking your car inside your garage can significantly reduce the risk of theft or damage compared to parking it out side the garage. When parking your car at a public space It is safer to park near other vehicles to avoid being singled out, also choosing a well-lit area will prevent criminals from breaking into your car.

GPS Trасkеr

GPS trackers offer precise location tracking, preventing vehicle theft as they act as a visually deterrent. Even though a sophisticated car thief can bypasses it by using spacial tools, the visible presence of a GPS tracker may be enough to discourage them and look for an easier target. This measure is particularly recommended for car owners who regularly park their cars on busy streets with high crime rates.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors connected to the vehicle’s alarm system are now standard on newer models. These sensors trigger the alarm system as soon as the glass is broken, sounding the alarm before the burglar has a chance to enter the vehicle.

All these factors can and will keep criminals away from your car. It is highly recommended you follow them as if it was written in blood.

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