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Is Your Vehicle Secure Enough?

With car crime on the rise and being a significant problem in the United States, securing your car is a top priority. The current statistics shows a potential risk of vehicle being stolen every 5 minutes!

Anti theft systems and safe parking spot are the main factors you should highly consider but we also recommend on installing additional protective measures.

Dash Cam

Dash cameras are an invaluable tool for recording evidence in the event of a car crime or in a car accident. These devices capture the truth and providing  evidence in court of law.

Dash cam also deter criminals and they will think twice before commit any crime in front of a visible camera. These cameras can also help preventing fraud insurance claims.

Alarm System

All new cars come with sensor triggers from factory and the most basic car alarm will turn on when these sensors are triggered, also when the car’s doors or windows are messed with it will sound a loud siren. For older cars that don’t have any kind of security system there is a solution as an independent alarm system can be installed for a reasonable cost. This can definitely be a good investment becuase loud noise tend to draw attention and not only it will act as a deterrent but also it will alert you and others nearby.

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks serve as another effective way to prevent car thief. They can be bypassed using heavy cutting tools but it is less likely a burglar would try to cut it becuase it will take a lot of time and make a lot of noise.

Parking In A Safe Spot

Your parking spot plays an important role in keeping your car safe. Parking your car inside your garage will significantly reduce the risk of theft or damage compared to parking it out side. 

When parking your car in a public area it is highly recommended to park in a regulated parking lot with 24/7 guard and security cameras.

Wheel Lock

Just like steering wheel lock wheel locks act as a visible obstacle and a car thief who wants to remain unnoticed would give up and look for an easier target.

GPS Trасkеr

GPS trackers offer precise tracking and help in recover your car location if it was stolen.

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