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Lots of people are curious whether it’s practical to repair a malfunctioning car key fob. Yes, it certainly is!
Most issues that pop up with key fobs can typically be fixed by a skilled professional, such as an automotive locksmith technician or alternately at your local dealership. To learn more about the common reasons of why your car key fob fail and the ways to fix it, continue reading this article.

How Do Car Key Fobs Work?

Car fobs are designed to protect your vehicle by allowing access to authorized users only. These digital keys grant remote access, taking away the need of a physically key in order to lock/unlock your car.

Key fobs work with a radio frequency system. Both vehicle and fob contain the unique same tags. When you press the fob’s button, interacts with your car locking mechanism – locking or unlocking your car.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car Key Fob?

The cost to fix your car fob depends on the nature of the issue. It might need repair, reprogram, or you might need to replace it. To reprogram your car fob to match your vehicle, an automotive locksmith would typically charge a labor fee. (you can visit our prices page for more information on costs involved).

Choosing on a replacement over fixing can be the more expensive choice, with costs that can go over $300. Factors, such as the car maker and the model can influence the cost, also where you choose to get the new fob key. For instance, a Dodge fob key replacement will be significantly cheaper than a Mercedes fob key replacement.

What Leads To A Car Key Fob Malfunction?

While modern key fobs offer convenience, it can be quite frustrating when they fail to function. There are few reasons why your car fob can stop working. Here are the the top 3 for a nonfunctional car key fob.

Dead Batteries

The most common issue with car fobs is the dead batteries, and you can easily replace them yourself.
There are lots of online resources, such as YouTube videos that can guide you on how to do it.

If you’re having difficulties and to avoid potential damage to your car fob, it’s recommended to hire a professional automotive locksmith to do it for you.

Reprogramming Is Required

Sometimes, your car can lose its connection with the fob, causing it to stop working. It could happen because of low battery life or recent battery replacement.

You can attempt to DIY by following your car manual and reset your fob. If the issue persists, it might be necessary to reprogram the fob, nothing that a professional automotive locksmith or your local dealership can not handle.

Damaged Fob

Your car fob can stop working because of physical impact, exposure to water or other liquids, electrical shocks, or broken circuit board. Whether you went in the ocean and forgot your fob in your pocket or your dog chewed your fob, the damage is a probably beyond repairing, a replacement might be the only option as fixing it might cost more than buying a new one.

How To Fix A Defective Car Key Fob?

You can replace the batteries or reset it, but if it doesn’t fix the problem, it is definitely beyond your capabilities.

In that case, we highly recommend consulting with your local dealership or a specialist automotive locksmith.

Can A Locksmith Repair My Car Key Fob?

With the right locksmith, the answer is a definitely – Yes! You’ll need to seek out a specialist automotive locksmith to repair your car key fob. They, often charge more than regular locksmiths as their work is more technical.

Phoenix Doors & Locks automotive locksmiths are training and equipped with the latest advanced tools to work on any vehicles. They are able to repair, reprogram or replace your car fob, depending on the specific issue. Call us today at [480] 571-3459 for a quick and efficient service in Phoenix and the surrounding metro area.

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