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Lots of people are curious whether it’s practical to repair a car key fob and if you ask us it surly is! Most issues with key fobs can typically be fixed at your local dealership or by a skilled automotive locksmith technicianTo learn more about the common reasons of why your car key fob is not working and how to fix it continue reading this article.

How Do Car Key Fobs Work?

Car key fobs are designed to protect your car by allowing to remotely lock and unlock your car. These fobs use radio frequency to comunicate with your car and when pressing the fob button it transmits a certain code that is identical the code within the vehicle system to open and close your car doors.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car Key Fob?

The cost to fix your car fob depends on the nature of the problem and where you do it. For changiing the battery or to reprogram it an automotive locksmith would typically charge between $50 – $200

Choosing on a replacement over fixing can be the more expensive and can start at $300 and factors like the type of car, the model and the year can influence the cost for example a Dodge fob key replacement will be significantly cheaper than a Mercedes fob key.

What Leads To A Faulty Car Key Fob?

While car key fobs offer a lot of convenience it can be very frustrating when they srop  working. It can happen from different issues and these are the top 3 main reasons.

Dead Batteries

The most common issue with key fobs is a dead battery and you can easily fix it yourself. There are many guides on the internet especially on YouTube that show how to replace yor car remote battery. If you’re not a handy man and want to avoid potential damage to your key fob yoy can hire a professional automotive locksmith for the job.

Reprogramming Is Required

Sometimes your car can lose its connection with the fob andit will stop working. It could happen because of low battery or recent battery replacement. You can follow your car manual and reset the fob by yourself. If the issue continue it might be necessary to hire a locksmityh to reprogram the fob.

Damaged Fob

Your key fob can stop working because of physical damage, exposure to water or a broken circuit. Whether your dog chewed it or it felt and was stepped on, the damage is a probably beyond repairing a replacement might be needed.

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