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5 Commercial Door Lock Types That Keep Your Business Safe

When it comes to home security most people will choose high security locks fot their main entrance door to protect their family and valuable possessions. It is as much important to choose a strong commercial door lock to protect your business

There are quite few commercial door locks in the market that are stronger than a regular home locks and an experienced locksmith can guide you on choosing the best one that would fit your security needs.

The ideal lock for your business depends on two main factors like the required security level and your budget.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a common choice for business owners and usually used in offices and storesThese locks are highly resilient and work best with heavy duty doors such as aluminum or steel doors.

Mortise locks are highly reliable and capable of dealing with repeated use and are very challenging for burglars to pick. They have been a known thing in commercial security for years which is making them an informed choice for your business.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

This is also ש common type for commercial door lock and it fits perfectly both interior and exterior doors. Cylindrical lever locks are cheaper than mortise locks and also quicker to install.

While mortise locks offer higher level of security these locks offer more elegant design and are more easy to install and if you need a higher levelof security you can always get the ANSI Grade 1 cylindrical lock which is designed to deal with higher traffic. Pairing these locks with an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt lock can definitely upgrade your business security level.

Keypad Door Locks

Keypad locks are very popular in commercial buildings and come with a numbered keypad that can be programmed to generate individual access code for entry.The main advantage of keypad locks is that there are no need of a physical key while employees will only need to remember their passcodes.

Push Bar Door Locks

Push Bar are also known as panic bar are very common in schools, theaters, restaurants and can perform as an emergency exit doors. Usually emergency exit doors doors remain locked but can be quickly opened from the inside by pushing the attached bar and trigger an alarm. Push bar doors are perfect for quick and massive evacuation during emergencies.

Electric Strike Locks

Similar to keypad locks electric strike locks are activated by either a passcode, FOB key or biometric feature like fingerprints. These locks are a very good choice for increased level of security in your premises but in a power outage it may stop working and need alternative power source.

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