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5 Commercial Door Lock Types That Keep Your Business Safe

When it comes to home security, most individuals will choose high s-security locks in order to protect their loved ones and precious possessions. Equally important is the task of choosing a robust commercial door lock to safeguard your business. There is a wide range of business door locks in the market, some are more robust compared to regular home locks. An experienced locksmith can guide you through the, and propose the best options for a commercial lock that would fit your requirements. The ideal lock for your business depends on two main variables, your budget and the required security level.

Here are five prevalent lock types for your business to ensure the safety of you and your staff.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are the common choice for businesses, usually used in hospitals, schools, and offices. These locks are highly resilient and work best with strong doors, such as aluminum or steel, which are tough for burglars to forcibly break into.

Mortise locks are highly reliable, capable of dealing with repeated use, and are challenging for burglars to pick. They have been a staple in commercial security for years, making them an informed choice for your business.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are another common type for commercial doors, great for both interior and exterior doors. They are cheaper and faster to install than mortise locks.

While mortise locks offer higher level of security, these locks feature a sleeker design and easier usage. To enhance their security level, you can get the Grade 1 cylindrical lock, designed to deal higher traffic. Pairing these locks with a deadbolt lock can and will absolutely boost your security.

Keypad Door Locks

Keypad locks, is popular among commercial premises, come with a numbered keypad for and individual access code for entry. The primary advantage of keypad locks is that there are no keys to lose! Employees only need to remember their passcodes.

Despite their benefits, keypad locks have a downside too, a forgotten code can cause issues, though it can reset by a certified locksmith.

Crash Bar Door Locks

Also known as panic bar doors or push bar doors, are common in schools, restaurants, theaters, and on emergency exit doors. Usually, these doors remain locked but can be quickly opened from the inside by pressing the attached bar. If these bars are on an emergency door, pushing them will trigger the alarm. The locks on the push bar can be a keypad or cylindrical. Push bar doors are excellent for quick evacuation during emergencies.

Electric Strike Locks

Similar to keypad locks, electric strike locks are activated either by a valid passcode, FOB key, or biometric data such as fingerprints. These locks are a very good choice for increased level of security in your premises. Nonetheless, a power outage can disrupt their functionality.

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