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A damaged or worn key can lead to quite some issues. If you attempt to insert a bent key your car ignition, it might refuse to turn, making it almost impossible to start your car. We are here to assist you in avoiding such situations, and help you over come them.

Diagnosing the Problem

When faced with difficulties starting your car, it’s always wise to inspect the key switch. Is there any debris, dirt or foreign objects in it, same routine should be applied on your key as well? Such microscopic objects could prevent your key from turning properly within the ignition. Understand that ignition systems can be more delicate than you’d assume. It’s critical to avoid tampering with the ignition cylinder yourself. However, you should check your key closely.

If the key is worn, or bent in any way, be cautious not to jiggle it excessively as it could potentially snap and break inside your ignition cylinder.

As soon as you identify an issue with your key, get in touch with an automotive locksmith. Our specialist can visit you at your car location, home or business, to diagnose the problem. Regardless of the make or model of your car, our locksmith technician can handle this uncomfortable situation and let him examine both, key and ignition. They may be able to repair it immediately, or to precisely cut a new key to match your cylinder.

There are more than one reason why your key might not function correctly. The most common one is If it’s bent, in that case you’ll need a replacement. A worn key could perhaps be extended a little longer, but excessive wiggling can damage the ignition cylinder, and would be need to be replaced too.

It a real nightmare when your car key to snap inside the ignition cylinder. If your car key is not turning smoothly, you should call a locksmith ASAP.

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