You are currently viewing WHAT HAPPENS IF YOUR CAR KEY IS BENT?


A damaged or bent car key can lead to quite some problems and if you try to insert it into your car ignition it can get stuck and refuse to turn which will make it impossible to start your car.

Diagnosing the Problem

When dealing with difficulties starting up your car it is always recommended to inspect the ignition for any dirt or foreign objects inside and the same inspection should be applied on your key as well! 

If the key is damaged or bent it is critical to avoid trying to forcely turn it in the ignition! Be very careful not to jiggle it too strong as it could potentially snap and break inside your ignition.

As soon as you identify an issue with your key get in touch with an automotive locksmith who can visit you at your car location and handle this uncomfortable situation with the right approach and be able to precisely cut a new key.

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