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Traditional locks have definitely stood up in the test of time. They are proviing security to properties but still they some limitations like the risk of losing keys or getting locked out.

On the other hand, smart Locks don’t have this kind of key issues but they come with their own challenges like a dead battery, loss of internet connectivity or a Bluetooth connectivity disruption that can lock you out.

Advanced Features

Smart Locks are definitely the winners, even though these devices are primarily controlled by smartphone they usually function with regular keys as well and some advanced Smart Locks offer fingerprint or facial recognition and many more advanced features that alert you if somebody mess with them.

Smart Locks are also compatible with difirent smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. You can control it with a key fob, keypad, or smartphone and you can also log in to a dedicated app to see who entered your home while you’re away.

Cost Effective

Smart Locks tend to cost much more than regular locks which can significantly influence your choice but if you analyze it deeply in the long term it will save you money.

A basic deadbolt lock or a Mortise Lock  will cost between $15 to $35. A high security deadbolt begins at $40 and higher security Mortise Lock starts at $60.

Without a doubt Smart Locks are more expencive than traditional locks and the cheapest one is priced around $100. A well known brands like August and Yale offer basic packages between $200 to $300.

Locks of the Future

The future of home security is fascinating especially the Smart locks category and like any other tech device they are expected to become more mainstream because of their convenience and improved security.

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