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Traditional locks have definitely stood the test of time. They have provided security with much simplicity. However, they come with their own set of limitations, such as the risk of losing keys or being locked out. The only solution to such issues is having a spare key holder nearby which can come to your rescue.

On the other hand, smart Locks come with modern day challenges. A dead phone battery, loss of internet connectivity, or a Bluetooth disruption May lock you out. Nevertheless, most Smart Locks have a backup option such as key override, questioning the point of a smart door lock when a physical key never runs out of battery or loses connection.

Traditional locks

Flexibility & Command

The Smart Lock industry quickly evolved, as more innovative features added better consistency. In the flexibility arena, Smart Locks are definitely the winners. Even though these devices are primarily controlled via smartphone, they usually function with regular keys as well. Some Smart Locks offer fingerprint recognition, touch sensors, and some more advanced features.

In terms of flexibility, Smart Locks are also compatible with other smart devices such as Amazon Echo. As for command, you can control your lock with a key fob, keypad, or smartphone. You can also log in to a dedicated app to see who accessed your door while you’re away. Even though traditional locks don’t posses the same versatility, they do give you control over who has a key.

Smart Locks


Generally, Smart Locks tend to cost more than their corresponding traditional, which could significantly influence your choice. Here, we analyze some general prices and what you get for your money. (The cost of locksmith services for a replacement job is not included)

A basic cylinder lock for a PVC door starts at $25. For a wooden door, you’d need a Yale lock or a Mortise Lock replacement, with prices starting at $15 and $35 respectively. High-security locks begin at $30, and higher security Mortise Locks start around $40.

Without a doubt, Smart Locks are more costly than traditional locks. The cheapest Smart Lock is priced around $100. A well-known brands like August and Yale offer basic packages around $250-$300. You will have to to decide whether the additional cost justifies the convenience and benefits they offer.

Locks of the Future

The future of home security is intriguing, especially when it is tour primary line of defense. Smart locks, like any other tech device, are expected to become more mainstream because of their convenience. It is safe to predict that the future will favor smart locks.

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