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Common Home Security Mistakes

Home security is a versatile subject that extends beyond simply locking your front door. There are quite few factors that can contribute to the overall security of your property but there are some common mistakes people do which can weaken their own security. 

In this article we will outline the most common home security errors that can put your property protection in danger .

Low Quality Door Locks

Many types of residential door locks are expose to a technique known as lock bumping. Intruders who are familiar with this technique can gain fast access to your property. it is highly important to make sure that your door locks are equipped with an anti bump features. 

It’s possible that your locks already possess that feature and You just don’t know!

Look for a diamond symbol that marks your lock is an SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder which is the highest rank rating for Cylinder locks. If you don’t see the diamond symbol look a 3 stars kitemark logo that suggests it has been tested to stand lock bumping methods.

Hiding A Spare Key Outside

You should never keep a spare key out side your house, for example under a mat or in a flowerpot as thieves are well aware of these hiding spotsThe convenience offered in a lockout situation is less significant compared to the risk of inviting thieves into your home.

Extreme Visual Privacy

While installing tall fences and gates might seem like a secure choice but by doing so you could unintentionally put your home security at risk as these features may provide ideal hiding spots for thieves.

To overcome this issue you can install CCTV cameras around your house especially in those blind spotted places and monitor it.

Lighting And Blind Spots

Some lights can create a darkness around the bulb illuminated circle which can make it hard to spot if somebody approaching, so Instead of keeping your outdoor lights always on install a motion detected sensor that turn on the lights only when it detects a movement.   

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