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Common Home Security Mistakes

Home security is a versatile issue that extends beyond simply locking your front door. There are quite few factors that can contribute to the overall security of a residential property, unfortunately, there are some common mistakes can weaken this security. In this article, we will outline frequent home security errors that can put your home protection in danger .

Low- Quality Door Locks

Many types of residential door locks, no matter if single cylinder, double cylinder, or thumb turn cylinder, are vulnerable to a technique known as lock snapping. Intruders who are familiar in this technique can gain fast access to your property. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your door locks are equipped with anti-snap features. Anti-snap locks can stand applied force on both side of their cylinders without breaking.

It’s possible that your locks already possess these features! Check for a diamond symbol that signifies your lock is an SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinder – the highest rank rating for Cylinder locks, or a 3-star kitemark logo that suggests it has been tested to stand lock snapping methods.

Hiding A Spare Key Outside

You should NEVER keep a spare keys outdoors, for example under a mat or in a planter – burglars are well aware of these hiding spots!

The convenience offered in a lockout situation pales in comparison to the risk of inviting criminals into your home.

Excessive Visual Privacy

While installing tall fences, and gates might seem like a secure choice, and by doing so you could unintentionally compromise your security as those features may provide ideal hiding spots for criminals and burglars.

Lighting Blind Spots

Certain lights can cast a circle of darkness around the bulb when illuminated, which can make it hard to spot if somebody approaching. Instead of keeping your outdoor lights always on, consider installing motion sensor lights that activate upon detecting movement.

Displaying Valuables

Avoid the potential intruders by not leaving your valuable items in an open view. Always keep your precious items out of sight, particularly through first-floor windows.

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